Toy Fails

Ever wonder what happens when people aren’t thinking clearly during a design process…this is what happens when people working in the kids industry have toy fails.
Kids love toy’s and we as adults love to buy them. The toy companies seem to have a lapse of concentration when they produced to the toys below!
Its hard to believe that no-one noticed the design flaws before they came to production.

Just a fox bumming another fox, nothing to see here…

Toy Fail

Ikea failed again here… heart or saggy balls?


The two finger squitter…I don’t even have a comment for this.


Oh Dora!


Not where we would our kids blowing..


Winnie the pooh with what appears to be a raging hard on

Winnie the pooh

This couldn’t look more like a penis without actually being a penis…

Toy Fail


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