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The Worst Cheesy Chat Up Lines
The Worst Cheesy Chat Up Lines

There is nothing cheesier than a chat up line.

We have collected the best of the worst cheesy chat up lines … Guys take note these wont work, please please stop using cheesy chat up lines!

1. Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.

Cheesy chat up lines

high faive fail
Obama and David high five fail!

11 Awkward High Five Fails

Straight up high five to the eye!
hi5 to the eye

Wow this guy landed the double
hi5 both eyes

Wow that was super awkward!
11 awkward hi5 fails

Yeah…High five…no oh right I was just had an itch here anyways…
11 awkward hi5 fails

high fives’s all round… except you…I don’t like your style of high five
11 awkward hi5 fails

And a high five to the face
hi5 to the face

Up high… oh…
lady fails hi5

Who’s the man? Yep its the guy infront of you…
awkward hi5

We clap…we don’t high five here
11 awkward hi5 fails

That looked great guys…
total hi5 fail
Ok we lied here is a handshake instead of a high five…sorry
hand shake fail

chimp in the bath

The Greatest Gifs Of All Time

We have searched high low into all corners of the web to bring you this selection of hilarious gifs. Enjoy!


Greatest gifs of all time

Sometimes the music just gets you
greatest gifs of all time

When a bird gives you the eye
bird giving you the eye gif

Unplanned nose job
Bathrobe strut fail

Plastic is truly scary to camels
greatest gifs of all time

Great timing!
greatest gifs of all time

Just a chimp in the bath, keep scrolling!
Chimp in the bath gif

Pass that piano!
Chelsea - come here piano

Vanilla…VANILLA…I said chocolate lady!
dog birthday fail

Cheese on the floor makes me mad to!
dog vs cheese gif

There is nothing more to say about this llama!
llama fabulous

Oh well that was awkward wasn’t it..
greatest gifs of all time

I already warned you…That’s enough get out of here!
out of here gif

Like a Boss
greatest gifs of all time

Driving like a boss
Girl Drives Like a Boss

Would have been a much shorter movie if this happened.
lion king gif

Fucking Mike!
greatest gifs of all time

Fetch… Nah I was just stretching before yoga…
greatest gifs of all time

Am I doing it right?
greatest gifs of all time

Cats gone faulty
Faulty Cat


17 exapmples of guys failing

These guys would probably be best just staying indoors in a soft chair. Not interacting with people, ever…

Yeah surfing do it all the time…practically a pro now

Guys failing


Awkward much?

guys failing


I expected more from you

basketball hi5 fail AGAIN!


Oh my god AGAIN??!!

basketball hi5 fail


How have you even managed that??

guys failing


Fail dude…just fail

guys failing


Wow leave it already!

blind hi5 fail


“Oh sorry I didnt notice your head there…”

guys failing


You have gone from cool to epic fail in 2 seconds flat

motorcycle fail


Impressive…Oh perhaps not

muscle man fail


How can you keep missing like that??

guys failing


I actually think this is a win..

treadmill fail


Karma’s a bitch

karma is a bitch


Free running = incredibly cool…except this guy, this guy sucks

free running fail


crime never pays kids!

vandalism fail


A nice soft teddy bear for Christmas next year ehh?

yoyo fail


Thats all folks…well except for this winner!




When Animals Fail

As humans we fail on a regular basis! Here are a few animals trying to beat us humans at failing.

animals fail
Animals fail
animals fail
animals fail
dissolving dog
dog stuck in chair
dog fail
dog fail
dog laughs
husky fails
meerkat fail
a dog must dance
panda fail
polar bear fail
rat fail
epic panda fail

Cooking Fail

More Kitchen Fails

The Kitchen creations always look so fantastic when we browse through them on Pinterest, so why wouldn’t we want to make these fabulous creations in our own kitchens?

Unfortunately it turns out they weren’t just pics from an amateur cook like myself or you they actually are really hard to make! Below we have examples of just what happens when the average Jane takes on perhaps more than they should have…

Kitchen Fails
Hopefully the kids are to young to remember this kitchen fail
Kitchen Fails
(source: dstv.com)
That didnt go quie as planned…
Kitchen Fails
(source: healthywaytocook.com)
Doomed before you even got to the cooking!
Craft Fail
(source: craftfail.com)
You can barely tell the difference with these two..
Baking Fail
I cant think what those pretzels look like…
Pretzel Fail
(source: craftfail.com)
pancake fail
Halloween Fail
Halloween fail
(source: pinterest.com)
Thanksgiving Flop!
Thanksgiving fail
(source: the1sthundred.com)


The Best DIY Fails We Could Find

We all like a bit of DIY, its a lot cheaper than hiring someone or paying a shop to do it for you… It doesnt always go to plan though does it, we have brought together 14 of the best or worst DIY (depending on your thoughts) fails we could find on the net.

Oragami…Nailed that shit!
DIY Fails
No one will notice…
DIY Fails
As good as new!
DIY Fails
I want my car magnolia on the inside…
DIY Fails
For the dust right?
Fashion, done at home!
Beacuse I didnt want to purchase one with three switches when I already had the three single switches!
Blends right in..
DIY Fail
The fast and the furious DIY style.
DIY Fail
DIY christmas decorations, what could go wrong?
DIY Fail
Gorgeous button bowl..or plate?
DIY Fail
Looks safe.
DIY Fails


The Most Awkward Family Photos Ever!

We all look back on our childhood photos and wonder what our parents were thinking dressing us that way but these people have truly excelled at embarrassing their children with these photos!

No touching son!
family photos
All up the tree for the family picture
family photos
Everyone in double denim pile on!
awkward family photos
80’s Fashion
awkward family photos
awkward family photos
Onesie’s aren’t for everyone…
awkward family photos
A bit star trek ish….I am sure this was cool in the 70’s
awkward family photos1
family fail
Grandad, whats with the budgie smugglers?
family fail
Could be awkward at the next family meal…
family fail
Kids…its topless photo time again!
awkward family photos
Baby announcement fail.
awkward family photos
Looks like someone is doing a poop…
awkward family photos
Halloween family fail
awkward family photos

You would think he’s a bit old for that..
family fail
I can’t imagine what they were going for here…
family fail
He looks impressed….
awkward family photos
it was going well until dad wanted in on the photo..
awkward family
Again with the Dad?!
awkward family
That didn’t turn out as cute as they were thinking…
family fail
There is nothing right about this awkward family photo
family fail
Cat looks pissed with the whole situation
awkward family photo
Bunnies…how cute, shame about the rest
family fail
Because with those on they really look like unicorns..
awkward cat photo
One last one for Dad to ruin..
awkward dad


The Ultimate Fashion Fails

We all have our days where we just cant be bothered, and you can be forgiven for these down days where only a pair of sweats and a hoody will do. These people have taken it a step further with their fashion fails!

Ummmm you seem to have got it on a little wrong…or it could be us and you need that to cover your back boobs??

fashion Fail
(image source: thechive.com)

Perhaps something a little longer would suit her a bit better?

Fashion fail
(image source: Pinterest)

She is going to need a anti-bac wipe for the seat…

Fashion Fail
(image source: pinterest.com)


(image source: pinterest.com)

Snoop dog would be proud..

Fashion no no
(image source: www.popgive.com)

You seem to have forgotten something..


Not sure it was you they had in mind when they invented jeggings…

fashion fail

A larger size still wouldn’t make this banana yellow tracksuit ok, it would however have saved us from seeing this very oddly shaped ass.

fashion fail
(image source: izismile.com)

Well this is just weird

Fashion Fail
(image source: www.teamjimmyjoe.com)

My eyes…MY EYES!!

Oh no
(image source: wanderluxe.theluxenomad.com)


Boob Fail

This poor guys face says it all.

(image source: travelfm.com)

If you enjoyed our fashion fails why not have a look at our other fails in our fails category


Toy Fails

Ever wonder what happens when people aren’t thinking clearly during a design process…this is what happens when people working in the kids industry have toy fails.
Kids love toy’s and we as adults love to buy them. The toy companies seem to have a lapse of concentration when they produced to the toys below!
Its hard to believe that no-one noticed the design flaws before they came to production.

Just a fox bumming another fox, nothing to see here…

Toy Fail

Ikea failed again here… heart or saggy balls?


The two finger squitter…I don’t even have a comment for this.


Oh Dora!


Not where we would our kids blowing..


Winnie the pooh with what appears to be a raging hard on

Winnie the pooh

This couldn’t look more like a penis without actually being a penis…

Toy Fail


Celeb Makeup Fails

We have all the seen the celebs walking down the red carpet or in a magazine and admired their beauty, but what happens when their makeup artist doesn’t do do such a good job?

Take a look below to see some of the worst celeb makeup fails on the net.

Lindsay Lohan - celeb makeup fail
Lindsay Lohan (image source: milliontalks.com)

Catherine Zeta-Jones celeb makeup fails

Catherine Zeta-Jones (image source: milliontalks.com)

Kim Kardashian celeb makeup fails

Kim Kardashian (image source: milliontalks.com)

Kelly Osbourne makeup fail

Kelly Osbourne (image source: artofcosmetics.com)

Claudia Winkleman - makeup fail

Claudia Winkleman (image source: digitalspy.co.uk)

Jodie Marsh celeb makeup fail

Jodie Marsh (image source: digitalspy.co.uk )

Jessie J makeup fail

Jessie J (image source: digitalspy.co.uk)

Gemma Collins celeb makeup fails

Gemma Collins (image source: celebritymakeovers.com.au)

Anne Hathaway celeb makeup fail

Anne Hathaway (image source: pamyau.blogspot.com)

To avoid making these mistakes head on over to our makeup tutorial page and learn how to put makeup on perfectly


The ultimate treadmill fails

We are forever being told to exercise more right? Look what happens if you are not prepared and trained in the art of running… Sometimes simply standing!! I think therefor I shall be avoiding the treadmill until I have sought training in such a complicated piece of equipment!

To view more of this Blogger head on over to their YouTube channel by following the link below the video

Watch these poor foolish exercise buffs in this wonderful compilation of treadmill fails:

(Source CompilarizTV)

To Watch more videos like this head on over to our laughs page.


The best latte art

We have put together a selection of some our favorite latte art on the internet and just so you can see really how great they are a collection of the worst we could find too!

Flower Power


Harry potter magic




Coffee Clock


Amazing 3D kitty

And the worst….

Less heart, more fart


Putting a smile on your face in the morning?


Morning glory




Sunshine in your coffee


For some of the best latte art in London you should head on over to Foxcroft & Ginger


The worst makeup fails on the net

We have trawled the internet looking to bring you the absolute worst in makeup application, we think we have done pretty well…or should that be bad?

These ladies make for some scary viewing..perhaps they should have popped on over to our makeup tutorial page? Or maybe they were going for more of a Halloween look?

makeup fails 1
makeup fails 2
makeup fails 3
makeup-fails 4

makeup-fails 5
makeup-fails 6
makeup-fails 7
makeup-fails 8

To avoid making the same mistakes as these lovely ladies why not check out our video on makeup tips…Your Welcome 🙂

You can find some of the best fails around over at : epicfail.com

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