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Your favourite 90s stars then and now

Ever wondered what your favourite 90s stars look like now? Or what your favourite stars of today looked like in the 90s? Well check what your favourite 90s stars then and now look like below:

My girl was a huge hit in the early 90’s

90s Stars Then And Now

Saved by the bell was a teen fave!

90s Stars Then And Now

Little house on the prarie was the show we all watched but never admitted to!

90s Stars Then And Now

Who could forget Clarissa explains it all.You either fancied her or wanted to be her!


You either had a crush on Pamela Anderson or Jeniffer Aniston…or both would have been likely.


X Factor is a firm favourite today, but what did our two fave members of the panel look like back in the 90s?


One of our fave ladies on tv at the moment Holly Willoughby



Celeb Makeup Fails

We have all the seen the celebs walking down the red carpet or in a magazine and admired their beauty, but what happens when their makeup artist doesn’t do do such a good job?

Take a look below to see some of the worst celeb makeup fails on the net.

Lindsay Lohan - celeb makeup fail
Lindsay Lohan (image source: milliontalks.com)

Catherine Zeta-Jones celeb makeup fails

Catherine Zeta-Jones (image source: milliontalks.com)

Kim Kardashian celeb makeup fails

Kim Kardashian (image source: milliontalks.com)

Kelly Osbourne makeup fail

Kelly Osbourne (image source: artofcosmetics.com)

Claudia Winkleman - makeup fail

Claudia Winkleman (image source: digitalspy.co.uk)

Jodie Marsh celeb makeup fail

Jodie Marsh (image source: digitalspy.co.uk )

Jessie J makeup fail

Jessie J (image source: digitalspy.co.uk)

Gemma Collins celeb makeup fails

Gemma Collins (image source: celebritymakeovers.com.au)

Anne Hathaway celeb makeup fail

Anne Hathaway (image source: pamyau.blogspot.com)

To avoid making these mistakes head on over to our makeup tutorial page and learn how to put makeup on perfectly

Mr. Bean in the NEW Snickers Ad

Snickers employ Mr. Bean in their TV Ad

Snickers have carried on their theme of if you’re hungry grab a snickers in great style by using the lovable character Mr. Bean in their latest advert.

Actor Rowan Atkinson plays the role of Mr. Bean perfectly in the new ad. Mr. Bean is a ninja who seems a little distracted whilst he is hungry. The advert is bound to make any Bean fan chuckle with laughter.

Check out the NEW Snickers Ad below, to view more from snickers on YouTube click the link below the video to go to their YouTube channel.

(Source Snickers UK)

For more funny videos please check out our laughs page


Chatroulette version of Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

This guy has nailed the parody for hit wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus

This video is best viewed with sound up, it will have you laughing out loud.

Watch the reactions of the people on the other side of the screen as this guy swings from his ceiling naked on a an exercise ball.

You can find more video’s by this comic on his youtube channel by clicking on the source link below the video.

If this isn’t what Chatroulette was made for I dont know what else it’s for!

(source: Steve Kardynal)

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