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Jessie J Covers Sam Smiths Stay With Me – Beautiful!

This video of Jessie J covers Sam Smiths stay with me has to be our new favourite cover.

Whilst there is no denying the power and sheer beauty of Sam Smiths voice, we just love this cover Jessie J has done for Sam Smiths song stay with me.

The acoustic style really shows the beauty of Jessie J’s voice. This is a complete pleasure to listen to and we can’t recommended it enough!

Jessie J – Sam Smiths – Stay With Me, Enjoy

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Ultimate pumpkin carving

ultimate Pumpkin Carving

We have carved a few pumpkins in our time and to be honest we were pretty impressed with ourselves…until we saw these pumpkins. This Guy has won awards for him ultimate pumpkin carving, and we have to say we are amazed at the detail!

All these pumpkins were carved by one very talented man Ray Villafane. To check out more of his amazing work you can head over to his website, where they also do the most spectacular sand statues! the link to the website is located just under the last image.

Ultimate Pumpkin Carving
Ultimate Pumpkin Carving
Ultimate Pumpkin Carving
Ultimate Pumpkin Carvings
Ultimate Pumpkin Carvings
Ultimate Pumpkin Carvings
Ultimate Pumpkin Carvings

(Source Villafane Studios)

Mr. Bean in the NEW Snickers Ad

Snickers employ Mr. Bean in their TV Ad

Snickers have carried on their theme of if you’re hungry grab a snickers in great style by using the lovable character Mr. Bean in their latest advert.

Actor Rowan Atkinson plays the role of Mr. Bean perfectly in the new ad. Mr. Bean is a ninja who seems a little distracted whilst he is hungry. The advert is bound to make any Bean fan chuckle with laughter.

Check out the NEW Snickers Ad below, to view more from snickers on YouTube click the link below the video to go to their YouTube channel.

(Source Snickers UK)

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The power of makeup
The power of makeup

(image source:

The power of makeup

Of course makeup can make you look amazing if applied correctly, but we had no idea the dramatic changes makeup is capable of!

If you want to find out more about the power of makeup you can try looking in our makeup category, it features heaps of tips and tricks on applying makeup correctly. Our top two video’s at the moment in our makeup category are our perfect eyebrows video and highlighting and contouring video

Here are 19 examples of women whose look changed dramatically with the application of makeup


(image source:


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Fat Guy Goes On Tinder Date

Check out what happens when this fat guy goes on Tinder date, it might surprise you…

You can compare the reactions of these ladies with the reactions of the guys who had the same prank played on them by watching the video here : Fat Girl On Tinder Date

When the girls arranged to meet this guy, they weren’t expecting this.. See what happens when the guy they arranged to meet ahs changed a little from the photo’s he put on Tinder

source:Simple Pick Up

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One Bra One Hidden Camera


What happens when we mix one bra one hidden camera and a whole lot of people!

Boobs, let’s face it we all love regardless if your a man or a woman! This videos goes to prove its not only the guys who take sneaky peeks when a lady has some cleavage on display.

We have all either had our cleavage checked out or done a bit of checking out. This video shows how often one ladies chest is looked at in just one day :

(Source:nestle fitness)

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Amazing Mirror Helps Women See Themselves For Who They Really Are

Women are often not happy with what they say in the mirror, sometimes we should take a closer look to what really matters within us. This amazing mirror helps women see just that!

The Mrs are an all-female band from Austin, Texas USA. When they asked women how they felt about themselves they weren’t to happy with the answers they received.

Taking their message to the street and making a heartwarming inspirational video all women should see, Take a look :

Their debut single, “Enough”, was written to help women see themselves as others see them… They are enough

(Source: The Mrs)

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