17 exapmples of guys failing

These guys would probably be best just staying indoors in a soft chair. Not interacting with people, ever…

Yeah surfing do it all the time…practically a pro now

Guys failing


Awkward much?

guys failing


I expected more from you

basketball hi5 fail AGAIN!


Oh my god AGAIN??!!

basketball hi5 fail


How have you even managed that??

guys failing


Fail dude…just fail

guys failing


Wow leave it already!

blind hi5 fail


“Oh sorry I didnt notice your head there…”

guys failing


You have gone from cool to epic fail in 2 seconds flat

motorcycle fail


Impressive…Oh perhaps not

muscle man fail


How can you keep missing like that??

guys failing


I actually think this is a win..

treadmill fail


Karma’s a bitch

karma is a bitch


Free running = incredibly cool…except this guy, this guy sucks

free running fail


crime never pays kids!

vandalism fail


A nice soft teddy bear for Christmas next year ehh?

yoyo fail


Thats all folks…well except for this winner!




A collection of totally brilliant pranks that will make you think that is genius, Why didn’t I think of doing that??

All time funniest gifs
All time funniest gifs

All Time Funniest Gifs

We have searched the internet to bring you the very funniest gifs we could find, from animals to high five fails. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

“Yooouuuhooo….Good morning!”

Funniest Gifs - bear waves hi

mean personality quiz

All these namby pamby personality tests give sweet, caring answers that just pour on the compliments. This is not that kind of quiz.

self esteem quiz

How high is your self-esteem

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you handle rejection and criticism well, or can one negative comment completely shatter your view of your self? Having high self-esteem is an important part of feeling happy within yourself, having healthy relationships and reaching your goals in life.

Being criticized by family, friends, and society as we grow up tends to slowly remove our feelings of self worth. Low self esteem will knock your confidence so much so that even to make even the smallest of decisions can become difficult if not impossible to make.
Improving self esteem increases your confidence and is a great first step towards finding happiness in your life.

Find out How high your self esteem is in the quiz below.

Which Horror movie Slasher Are You

Ever wondered which horror movie slasher are you? Well now you can find out using our quiz below. The quiz bases your result on your personality! Wondering which horror move slasher would you be if you were cast in an old horror movie?

down with the kids

At 31 I still like to think I am down with the kids, and I know what is cool and what’s not. My eldest niece however often likes to point out just how out of touch I seem to of grown!

vending machine madness

We have all used a vending machine when we fancy a drink or at a push perhaps some sweets or chocolate right? But what about if you could get pizza from a vending machine or why not go wild and grab a crab instead…
Sounds far fetched doesn’t it, that couldn’t exist…. WRONG! check out our post below it reveals some of the craziest vending machines from around the world!

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