We have all experienced Christmas awkwardness however we didn’t all feel the need to turn into a lasting memory with a photo like the families below…

1. Big hair, goofy grins, the beloved family pets and a… ventriloquist doll… yes!! That’s the perfect christmas photo for the album!
2. Trousers… in a Christmas photo, no thanks! I’ll take the monkey instead!
Awkward Christmas Family Photos
3. Dad: “Oh the baby looks so cute all in red, we should go for the same look…”
Mum: “…….”
Awkward Christmas Family Photos
4.Because he thought matching pyjamas made him look silly…
Awkward Christmas Family Photos
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Bathroom signs are something we rarely take note of… other than to make sure we are heading in to the right toilet!

These bathroom signs would catch your attention on your in for sure!

Some are pretty clever, some funny and some downright crude, But here at we had a giggle at them all.


23 funny and clever bathroom signs


The Worst Cheesy Chat Up Lines
The Worst Cheesy Chat Up Lines

There is nothing cheesier than a chat up line.

We have collected the best of the worst cheesy chat up lines … Guys take note these wont work, please please stop using cheesy chat up lines!

1. Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.

Cheesy chat up lines


Bill Turnbull was reading a piece on the NHS on live breakfast news when he stumbled over the word ‘clients’, it resulted in a word sounding very similar to the c-bomb!

A BBC spokesman said: “Bill unintentionally stumbled over his words and we apologise if any offence was caused.”

The BBC presenter went on to tweet this

10 Facebook posts we love to hate
10 Facebook posts we love to hate

We love Facebook and our friends on it..but sometimes just sometimes the post those awful Facebook posts we love to hate!

1. The “let’s see who reads my wall” post

Worst Facebook Status 2015

We are friends, your post comes up on my wall…its hard to miss it!

The Very Best Animal ‘Soon’ Photos
The Very Best Animal ‘Soon’ Photos

They are coming for us and each other by the look of these animal soon photos!

Animal soon photos

That is one creepy ass cat!

Animal soon photos

Cows are surprisingly good at spying

Animal soon photos

Well that would scare the shit out of me!

Soon, very soon

So cute…but so deadly

Creepy owl is watching you

Lets face it, owls have always been a bit suspect…

animals plotting against humans

Awww bambi is all grown, and looking for revenge!

Cat stalks dog

Behind you, he’s behind you!

The Very Best Animal 'Soon' Photos

Wait…why is there even an alpaca in a car??

The Very Best Animal 'Soon' Photos

He has his eye on you…

The cows are watching you

See what did we tell you about the cows and spying!

Creepy cat picture

Wow…. good job the turkey already kicked the bucket!

The Very Best Animal 'Soon' Photos

Sheep and their crazy ass eyes have always been on my to watch list!

The Very Best Animal 'Soon' Photos

Just the one eye… watching, always watching

The cats are coming

Walked in on one of their plotting meetings by accident…

Well that is just plain creepy

OMG what even is that??

Creepy ass cows

Again with the cows, word seems to have got out as the group plotting gets more intense

The Very Best Animal 'Soon' Photos

Dodgy looking ostrich right there

Sloth is coming for you

Funny thing with sloths, either cute as bunnies or looking like they want to kill you if only they could move a bit faster

sneaky cat

The will never notice him there…

The Very Best Animal 'Soon' Photos

My horse is always doing this…. yeah when I let him roam around the house at the weekend…

The Very Best Animal 'Soon' Photos

Its in the eyes…all in the eyes.

The cats are plotting

Always have a lookout, its the key to all great plots!

26 Tinder Comebacks We Can All Swipe Right To
26 Tinder Comebacks We Can All Swipe Right To

These amazing tinder comebacks had us laughing out loud here. Some of these are good enough to make you change your mind about that weirdo who sent that odd message in the first place.

We love a good tinder comeback, you might not be able to find love on tinder but you sure will be able to find some good wit and have a laugh!


Hula hooping is back in a big way!

Not only do you get fit but you can look ultra hot whilst doing it… I say could as the reality of learning to hula hoop again after 20 years hasn’t been as successful as I was hoping for. So there I was in the back garden all set to go thinking I have this, I was excellent at this when I was 6.

And then reality hit, I resembled this little girl but whole lot less cute…

This is more what I had expected to happen.. minus the furry boots, not sure those look good on anyone even this hula hooping stunner.


high faive fail
Obama and David high five fail!

11 Awkward High Five Fails

Straight up high five to the eye!
hi5 to the eye

Wow this guy landed the double
hi5 both eyes

Wow that was super awkward!
11 awkward hi5 fails

Yeah…High five…no oh right I was just had an itch here anyways…
11 awkward hi5 fails

high fives’s all round… except you…I don’t like your style of high five
11 awkward hi5 fails

And a high five to the face
hi5 to the face

Up high… oh…
lady fails hi5

Who’s the man? Yep its the guy infront of you…
awkward hi5

We clap…we don’t high five here
11 awkward hi5 fails

That looked great guys…
total hi5 fail
Ok we lied here is a handshake instead of a high five…sorry
hand shake fail

24 things guys wish girls knew
24 things guys wish girls knew

24 Rules Guys Wish Girls Knew

1. If you ask a question you don’t want an answer to, expect an answer you don’t want to hear

girl asking a question

2. Learn to work the toilet seat; if it’s up, put it down.

put the toilet seat down

3. Birthdays, Valentines and anniversaries are not quests to see if we can find the perfect present once again.

male shopping quest

4. Sometimes we’re not thinking about you. Live with it.

man not thinking

5. If you think you’re fat, you may be. Don’t ask us. (besides, we’re not suicidal enough to answer anything other than “no” anyway)

Its a trap

6. Sunday is for watching sport. It’s like the full moon or the changing of the tides. It can’t be altered so just let be.

Sunday watching sport

7. Don’t ask us what we’re thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as sex, shortstops and carburetors.

Dont ask

8. Shopping is not a sport

man hate shopping

9. Anything you wear is fine, and you have enough clothes…. Really

nothing to wear gif

10. You have too many shoes

women have to many shoes

11. Ask for what you want. Subtle hints don’t work.

no hinting

12. No, we don’t know what day it is. We never will. Mark anniversaries on a calendar.

guy forgets date

13. Crying is blackmail. Use it if you must, but don’t expect us to like it.

crying is blackmail

14. “Yes” and “No” are perfectly acceptable answers.

yes and no

15. A headache that last for 17 days is a problem. See a doctor.

no sex please I have a headache

16. Your mum doesn’t have to be our best friend.

worst mum

17. The man is ALWAYS in charge of poking the campfire with a stick and/or tending the grill.

man in charge of the grill

18. Don’t fake it. We’d rather be ineffective than deceived.

fake orgasm face

19. Let us ogle. If we don’t look at other women, how can we know how pretty you are.

let men ogle women

20. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done, not both.

men getting it wrong

21. Christopher Columbus didn’t need directions, neither do we.

lost man

22. Anything we said 6 or 8 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. All comments become null and void after 7 days.

woman beats man with bag

23. If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad and angry, we meant the other one.

crazy lady

24. We’re not telepathic. We can’t read your mind, so don’t blame us for not knowing something you expected us to know without telling us. Conversely, you aren’t telepathic either, so don’t get mad about what you think we’re thinking, because your guess is probably wrong.

mind reading

Learn them well please ladies.


Don’t go we have more! How about one of these?

Funny gifs you must see

Hilarious Gifs You Simply Have To See!


Hilarious Gifs You Simply Have To See


Look what happened when the first escalator was fitted here.

Hilarious Gifs You Simply Have To See



Hilarious Gifs You Simply Have To See


Well that was awkward..

Hilarious Gifs You Simply Have To See


Because the cat in a hat is old news…

Hilarious Gifs You Simply Have To See


A dog in boots however never gets old.

Hilarious Gifs You Simply Have To See


Ohhhh Grumpy!

Kanye West Temper Tantrum


Your doing it wrong

flour in hairdryer fail


Again..your doing it all wrong

kid snow head


When there is no onle left to rock out with but the cat..

cat playing drums


There is a saying, a very old saying: when the pupil is ready the master will appear.

cat zorro


A rare species caught on camera

whale man


Monday morning commute

monday penguin


very helpful of this chap

directions please


In your face…

penguin fart


Just a pug on a hoover…

Just a pug riding a hoover


We hope we have made you smile

funniest gifs you must see


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