We have all the seen the celebs walking down the red carpet or in a magazine and admired their beauty, but what happens when their makeup artist doesn't do do such a good job?
Treadmill Failsvideo

We are forever being told to exercise more right? Look what happens if you are not prepared and trained in the art of running...treadmill fails
latte art

We have put together a selection of some our favorite latte art on the internet and just so you can see really how great they are a collection of the worst we could find too!
makup fails 1

We have trawled the internet looking to bring you the absolute worst in makeup application, we think we have done pretty well...or should that be bad?
Funny cooking fails

We have all seen them, those awesome dishes, cakes, cookies etc on instagram or pinterest. Well have you ever tried making them? I know what your thinking, cant be too hard right? That's what these guys thought too, it ended in some of the best kitchen fails we have seen
Dog at bathtimevideo

Trying to get a stubborn dog into the bath was never going to be easy, here are some hilarious examples of what happens when dogs and owners disagree!

It will be good for you they said....
Football failsvideo

The beautiful game can sometimes be a little less beautiful and a little more...well...awkward

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