The Best DIY Fails We Could Find

We all like a bit of DIY, its a lot cheaper than hiring someone or paying a shop to do it for you… It doesnt always go to plan though does it, we have brought together 14 of the best or worst DIY (depending on your thoughts) fails we could find on the net.

Oragami…Nailed that shit!
DIY Fails
No one will notice…
DIY Fails
As good as new!
DIY Fails
I want my car magnolia on the inside…
DIY Fails
For the dust right?
Fashion, done at home!
Beacuse I didnt want to purchase one with three switches when I already had the three single switches!
Blends right in..
DIY Fail
The fast and the furious DIY style.
DIY Fail
DIY christmas decorations, what could go wrong?
DIY Fail
Gorgeous button bowl..or plate?
DIY Fail
Looks safe.
DIY Fails


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