Animals Being Complete Assholes


I am watching and waiting, watching and waiting….


Animals Being Assholes

Thats how he rolls, on a hoover handing out slaps…


animals being complete assholes

That ass… I gotta bite it!


animal being a complete asshole

This guy taking a shit in the dogs food…asshole.


cat pooping in food

Doesnt just show his ass…this guy spreads it!


monkey showing his ass

Soon asshole, soon…


Cat plotting

Oh here you want to look at the water? Let me help you take a closer look!


Kangaroo kicks guy into water

Blap bitch


Cat surprise attack

I said no licking


cat paw in the face

That kid you don’t want playing with your kids



round and round the…dropkick you in the face


Baby goat dropkicks

To far cat, To far!


nasty cat

Horse you may be bigger but you cant be a bigger jerk than this cat


cat attacks horse

When a leg goes rogue


cat kicks itself

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